Road bikes or otherwise they are also called city bikes. What are their features and how to understand that this is a road bike? There is nothing difficult in this, because a classic bicycle with a straight frame is taken as a basis and, as a rule, they all come with 28-inch wheels.

Frames are usually made of steel, more expensive models of aluminum. Depreciation on the city bikes is absent, since mainly such bicycles are made for trips around the city, on asphalt. Accordingly, you need a good roll forward, so the plug will be tough.

Returning to the asphalt surface, the tire tread itself will not be aggressive, but smoother, again this is necessary for good grip and rolling.

And finally, the main distinguishing feature of a road bike is the presence of such accessories as a trunk, full-size wings, a step, and on some models they also put a basket in front, but again everything depends on the manufacturer and model.

There is another subspecies of road bikes - these are three-wheeled adult bicycles. They are also considered city bikes, so to speak superior comfort.


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Simple, but at the same time elegant, reliable and unpretentious, road bikes are designed to travel the streets of the city and leisurely nature walks. Such models of bicycles are demanded first of all by lovers of comfort and measured lifestyle.

In our online store, the line of urban bicycles is represented by models with one fixed gear - fix-bikes - and recreational bicycles-cruisers. On the pages of our website you can buy both copies of the last year, as well as new catalogs, released in 2016. Each model is distinguished by originality of performance, inherent to the respective manufacturer, high strength and functionality of the product, extravagant appearance, and also a fairly attractive price.



That's what I've been looking for for so long, an ordinary simple bike, yes! Like the Soviet ones who stood in our garages and sheds and served for several decades) I was actually looking for a bicycle for the dacha, the simplest one, so that if something happens it can be repaired with a spoon. For its purposes, the bike is very suitable, as they say, to get to the neighbor and to the store.

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3 routes of budget travel in Russia

Only one glance at the geographical map of our country is enough to give goose bumps on the back. Some people are afraid of these scales, but for others it is a real challenge or an invitation to look at the different and unique nature of their native spaces. In turn, the idea that you can grow old, so plainly and without looking at your native country, pushes for urgent charges in the next trip.

It is then that eternal questions arise about the overwhelming cost of tickets or, even sadder, about their absence. How to travel around the country and beyond, without feeling a blow to the budget, without being tied to transport networks? The answer is that budget travel in Russia is possible with the help of the BlaBlaCar search service for travel companions . Supporting the cult of free, but informed travel, today we will talk about where you can go even tomorrow, without having your own transport and plane or train tickets.


Altai is a place of power. To understand and feel this, you just need to get to this temple of wild nature that is not like anything. And it does not matter what you will do here. In truth, it is difficult to imagine that Gorny Altai is a part of our country, sometimes it seems that this region is floating in the air between China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Russia, without knowing any territorial division. Nevertheless, it is possible to get into this world, and your pilgrimage will start from Barnaul - a major transportation hub and the capital of the Altai Territory.

Far East

The name of the route “Moscow - Vladivostok” itself causes many people to have a mixed gamut of emotions from fear to euphoria: traveling alone along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway can be called the main adventure of your life. Nine thousand kilometers, seven time zones, four climatic zones and the opportunity to see practically our entire country in one trip a dozen days long excite consciousness. Vladivostok, standing on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Pacific Ocean, is one of the few places in Russia where you can find surfing - it’s not an idea to travel through the whole country.


Budget travel in Russia can not be imagined without a trip to the Crimea. That car has become the main channel through which people rushed to the peninsula. There is no sense in telling that it is so attractive for travelers and thrill-seekers in this “pie” of sea breeze, unusual relief and no less beautiful vegetation.